Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Last weekend Bear and I went to my parents's house to meet with the photographer and the florist. The photographer did my senior pictures as well as my brothers, and she has done family photos as well. All of the pictures were amazing, and they were all done at my house. I've mentioned many times before how much I love her and her work. Bear and I had dinner with her at Applebee's in Augusta Friday night. She is excited about doing the coffee table album I want, even though it is a new process to her. Unfortunately, she wouldn't back off her price at all - she is going to cost $2,000. I don't have $2,000!! She won't take credit payments, so basically, I don't know what to do. I told my mom (who told me months ago I'd get a deal on the price), and she was totally unsympathetic. I will have to ask the Golden Child (my brother) for money, and pay him back after the ceremony. I figure if the Golden Child will float me 1,000, we can pay thje photographer the rest with money we get from the guests. There's just no other way around it. I hate asking my brother for money, but what else can I do? I HAVE to have this photographer, and as Bear pointed out, I haven't really asked for anything else specific for my wedding. I've compromised on the location, the dress, the music, the cake, the flowers... I've not held firm to any one thing but this. Bear says it's okay, that we will find a way. It makes me love him even more for letting me have this one "extravagance." Even though it means that Bear will be working overtime as much as possible between now and June 30. He tells me not to feel guilty, and I am working on that.
What else can I do?


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Shari said...

For my first wedding, my ex and I paid for everything except the caterer and hall. My sisters were married one and three years before I was and I couldn't put that financial strain on my dad. Not after he just paid for my sister's wedding the year before.

For my second wedding, it was smaller, but we paid for everything. We skimped on a lot of things. We got a DJ for a good price and my husband had a relative who did the flowers for us as her wedding gift to us. That was nice. I got a wedding dress half price. I think that the most expensive thing was the caterer.

Looks like your wedding to-do list is getting "lighter"-at least getting a load off your mind. :)

Good luck. I hope the G.C. helps you out. I am sure you guys will find a way. You two sound like a good team-working together.