Sunday, January 31, 2010

Welcome home, baby boy.

I think you'll like it here.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

So close!

Bear got an email yesterday from the dog breeder who has Jackson.

"There's a problem with Jackson," he says after reading it.

My heart stopped. Oh no, I thought. What's wrong with my baby?

"Relax," Bear laughed. "Jackson is fine. But we can't get him on Sunday, since the breeder won't be home that day. What do you want to do?"

"Well," I said. "Can we pick him up on Saturday?" We are going to a concert Saturday night, but the day is free.

Bear looked at me for a long moment. Then he grinned, a dimple appearing in his right cheek. Yes, Babe. I guess we can."

So Jackson is coming home a day early. We will get him Saturday morning, leave him with my parents for the concert, then pick him up afterwards and come home.

And dudes. Saturday?

Two days away.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Fragments

*Only eight more days until Jackson comes home. I can't wait. I still have some puppy proofing to do, but the house has come a long way and we're almost ready. I can't wait to introduce him to the cats! I will have to take some video of their first meeting so I can post it.

*Only eight more days of riding the Sinister Stationary Bike of Doom. I'm not hating it as much as I did last time, mostly because I'm half-assing it most nights. I ride for fifteen minutes (five more than the mandatory ten), but I'm reading a novel while I do it and therefore am not giving it much of an honest effort. On Wednesday I stayed home from work and did a killer run that day - 20 minutes, 421 calories, 5.05 miles. But honestly? That was the only honest effort I put in since I started this almost two weeks ago. Alice over at Wandering Wonderland has been way more committed than I, and I'm hoping to use her success as a springboard towards my own. I might need to set a weight goal as she did. I'm thinking I'd like to be back down to 165.0 by Feb 15. That's three weeks for about two pounds. Totally doable. I'll let you know how I do.

*As I age I'm becoming so much more of a girl. Among my friends I'm usually known as the biggest guy in the group (femeninity has never been my strong suit) but I have to have this bag.

It's called the Monroe (my maiden name, people! I NEED TO HAVE IT), and it's a stylish and ecologically responsible bag that would hold all of my daily things plus a knitting project or two. At $75, owning it solidifies my girl status. I'm just sayin'.

*Due to budget cuts, it looks as though I will be job searching next year. They told me that last year but found a way to keep me on - that money is gone and we're another $400,000 in the hole. I'm pretty sure I'm gone after this year. Wish me luck in a very tight job market. I can't decide if I want to look for a full time teaching job, or just an ed tech job somewhere close to home. Full time teaching means I can quit working at Rite Aid, ed tech job close by means less time on the road and nowhere near the stress. I'm hoping an opportunity will present itself. Maybe I should ask if the local yarn shop is hiring?

*I still hate insurance companies. Bear went to the knee specialist on Wednesday and guess what? The doc ordered an MRI - the same thing Bear's tried TWICE to get and the insurance company won't pay for. They had better this time or I will blow a gasket. I'm so fucking sick of dealing with this idiocy!!!!! It might not help that I'm on hold with said insurance company as I sit here. ARGHRHGH!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Deal

As I mentioned a while ago here on the blog, I'm attempting to re-lose some weight. Weight that re-adhered to my body during the past year or so, especially during the holiday season. I know what it takes to lose weight, but I hate hate hate doing it. Losing weight means I must ride the Sinister Stationary Bike of Doom.

Seriously. Of Doom.

The bike is a recumbent bike, and hurts my but just to sit on. I sweat like a pig, the minutes/miles/calories never move fast enough ... in short, being on it is like being tortured. It's even worse knowing that I'm responsible for the need to get back on the bike. I'm the only one who has put food in my mouth. Too much food. So back on the bike I go.

Under normal circumstances, I'd ride the bike a few times in a week, then slack off. I'd go a week or more without the bike until Bear or my conscience guilts me back on it. This time, however, I have a deal. If I ride the bike every day for at least ten minutes until January 31st, Bear will buy me a Wii Fit Plus.

I have a Wii and enjoy it, and I've heard amazing things about the Fit Plus. I'd much rather play games on the Wii than ride the Sinister Stationary Bike of Doom. Wouldn't you? We made the deal on Sunday and I've ridden it every day so far... twice doing 15 minutes (in the past I've ridden straight to 500 calories burned, which takes about half an hour. It sucks. This is much easier!). Wish me luck on the remaining nineteen days.

I think I'm going to need it.

Monday, January 11, 2010

I'm gonna be one of *those* moms, huh?

You may be tired of Jackson. You may think all puppies are alike, or think that black labs aren't cute, or even think that you're not a dog person. I promise to get back to regular blogging soon. But Bear and I went to meet Jackson yesterday and I just have to share the adorableness:

Less than three weeks until we can bring him home. I can't WAIT!

Friday, January 08, 2010

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

What I Got for Christmas

I told you yesterday that I'd blog about my Christmas present. Here's the story:

Christmas morning Bear and I got up and made some coffee. The morning hasn't begun until I've started caffienating. We sat in the livingroom and began the process of opening the gifts under the tree. Bear hemmed and hawed for a bit, not sure which gift he wanted me to open first. Finally he made up his mind and started with a card. It was a nice card, one of those ones that have the card stock outside and the separate piece of paper on the inside. It was sweet and romantic, and he'd signed it, "because I want you to have everything you want. Love, Bear."
"Aww, thanks Honey," I said, and closed the card. I set it beside me on the couch.
"No, you need to turn the page," he chided.
I picked the card back up and turned the page and saw this:With the words "January 30, 2010" at the top and a speech bubble next to it that said, "Hi Mom!"

The man bought me a puppy.

A puppy.

The one thing I've wanted for more than three years. The one thing he keeps telling me I can't have. Truly, my dream come true. The gift is amazing. Bear is amazing. The puppy is amazing.

I'm naming him Jackson, and I love him already.

Thanks, Bear, for making my Christmas the best one ever. I love you!

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Back at It

I'm back to school and back to blogging. Sorry to take an unannounced break like I did, but I needed it and am returning to the blogosphere fresh and excited. A brief recap of my time away:

  1. I got a ton of awesome stuff for Christmas. Bear spoiled me, again, although he raised the bar this year. I will tell you all about my best gift tomorrow. It's deserving of its own post.
  2. I've been up to my eyeballs in Christmas knitting, not much of which got done. I'm still behind, even two weeks later! I'm working on it.
  3. I had an awesome New Year's Eve with my friend L-Unit. It was terrific spending time with her and her family. I adore them so!
  4. I'm back on the diet wagon again... sort of. I'm having a hard time staying on. Hopefully if Alice does well with her weight loss, she'll inspire me to do so, also. I'm looking at losing ten to fifteen pounds before April vacation. Wish me luck.
  5. I'm not really making any resolutions this year, other than to focus more on growing my fiber business. Marketing especially. I'd like to spread the word about Highland Handmades!
That's about it. I hope you all had a fabulous holiday season and are ready to tackle the new year. Thanks for sticking with me through my radio silence - I'm really glad to be back.