Monday, April 16, 2007


It's only the first official day of April vacation and my wedding invitations are already 90% done! I really have to thank Bear, because he helped me a ton. I would be nowhere near as done if he hadn't pushed me to keep printing and cutting. He rounded all the corners for me, using a curvy corner punch that was pure hell on my thumb. Thanks Bear! All that is left is putting the pieces together, punching a hole, and putting a fastener through it. From there all I have to do is stuff envelopes and mail! I'm uber excited to be this close to done so fast.

Bear stayed home today as he's been having some breathing problems (his asthma has come back after many years of no symptoms). He got up this morning to go to work and then crawled back into bed with me. It was really nice! We slept until after nine. I think he felt guilty about staying home, thought, because he decided it was past time that he cleaned out the office. The office was so jam packed with stuff that it was literally a fight to get in the room. four bags and a box of trash later (not to mention the three bags of stuff for Goodwill) and we have a functional office space again! The next home improvement project is my sewing room. I can hardly wait!

Thats all for now, I think. Once I get the invitations all put together, I will scan one to show you. They really do look nice.


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Sue Flaska said...

Good work you trooper!! That's a big job to get done! Hope your break is wonderful.