Tuesday, April 10, 2007


If you have looked at the list of favorite blogs to the left of your screen, you may have seen the blog Three Beautiful Things. It is written by a British lady named Clare who posts every day. Each post consists of three beautiful things she has seen that day. Most of the time, these things are quite simple - for example, one recent post mentioned a cup of tea her father made for her. I've been thinking a lot recently about creating a new blog where I write my own 3BT. Ideally it would consist of photos, but realistically, I know that probably won't happen. I bet I could post pictures once a week, though. Maybe on Sunday? I'd like to have a reason to get outside more, to use my camera more, to DO more each day.

But would people read it? Clare does a great job with her blog, I can't imagine anyone wants to read a similar blog. I guess I'm plagued by indecision. What do you think? Would blogging three beautiful things from Maine each day interest you? What about the photo idea?


PS As promised, I will post pictures of the freak snow storm tonight.

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Shari said...

Go for it, Amelia. When I first saw Clare's 3BTs blog and saw many spin-offs-many people had their own blogs.

Clare has made it an art-to see a beautiful thing and utilizes her describing skills to bring her words to life. She's good.

I like having my own "3BTs" blog. To me, it's more of an open-book diary. I can look back and remember the things that happened. Admittedly, some times I don't go anywhere or do anything out of the norm and pretty much repeat things. I do enjoy it. If I miss a day or two, I just post them with the date on the top and post them all separately.

It's up to you. Even if you can't post every day, you can still make a weekly list or something. I've seen all kinds.