Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Only 73 days (or so) to go!

For several weeks now I've been putting off several wedding tasks because they are not fun. Printing and making the invitations, asking my cousin to officiate the ceremony, meeting up with the photographer to pay the deposit and agree on prices, and meeting with and hiring a florist. After this weekend, everything should be DONE! I'm meetin with the photographer Friday night, the florist Saturday morning, and my cousin will give me her answer this weekend as well. I asked her, but gave her some time to think about it as she's never performed a wedding ceremony before.

I'm very excited about all of this, really. I'd been dreading it for so long, but for what - so far, thing have gone pretty well! After this, the only major job to do is pick out the outfits for the bridal party - four shirts, pairs of jeans and pairs of shoes. I can do that!

I'm headed out to go get the mail and take some pictures because the sun has made a huge comeback today after five long days of nothing but wind, rain, sleet, and snow. Some places in Maine got more than eight inches of rain in a single day! We had wind gusts over sixty mph here, but I'm not sure how much rain. It sucked, basically. But today I'm refreshed because I'm getting stuff done, the sun is out... what's not to love?


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Word Imp said...

How exciting! Wedding countdowns are great. We've been married 12 years but I can remember the wedding preparations like yesterday. Most things went swimmingly apart from the difficulty of finding someone willing to make me a cake in the shape of a castle. Finally found someone. And then we forgot to collect the flowers the day before the wedding! My husband's workmate rescued that situation and saved the day. Hope all your prep goes well for the next couple of months. Remember to enjoy it, too!