Thursday, April 12, 2007

Batten Down the Hatches

I just learned what that clichéd phrase means thanks to Discovery's The Deadliest Catch. That's what I'm doing tonight, because we are supposed to get ANOTHER 6-12 inches of snow tonight and tomorrow. If you remember, the samd thing happened just a week ago. The weather man said this is the coldest April in a hundred years. Poor man. I'm sure he's sick of people complaining to him about this weather.

And you know what? This year is one of only two or three that Puxatawny Phil did NOT see his shadow. That groundhog really ought to look for a new line of work.


I doubt I'll be driving to school tomorrow, which means my vacation starts early. I should be happy about that, but I'd much rather drive to school on a nice spring day instead. Wouldn't you?

At least the sun has been shining the last two days... almost like an apology upfront for what's coming.



Sue Flaska said...

Yikes, ok, I will not complain about it snowing the other day. Enjoy your break!

Sue Flaska said...

In response to your comment about having a party....that would rock! When I was done with chemo I was going to have a "No More Chemo Party" until my then oncologist said I had at the most 5 years to live due to the cancer coming back. Of course the second opinion at Mayo said she was wrong, but the party kind of was shoved to the side. I think a bon voyage party is in need!