Thursday, August 31, 2006

Crunch Time

And I mean that in more than one way.

Bear and I did our budget last night, and the results are less than pleasant. I had to take a sizeable pay cut for this job, and where before things were tight, they are now excrutiating. There will be no more eating out, no more movies or video games. We simply can't afford it. In six or eight months things will ease because we are getting a home loan to pay off the last of our debt, but eight months of my cooking is a very long time. I may have to look at taking a second job, and Bear is trying to work lots of overtime to help boost our financial situation. We're gonna make it, but it isn't going to be fun.
After a week of trying, I am back at 182.6 pounds. I ate out a LOT last weekend and skyrocketed back up to 185 at one point! I was so disappointed with myself. Granted, I was in a car the whole day and didn't have many options, but that isn't really an excuse. Yesterday was a good food day, and today has been okay, too. I'm good until I get home from work and then I pig out. How can I stop this?
I am going to do my yoga DVD tonight, for the first time in a week - yeay! I actually miss it. I bought a yoga mat, too, so now I don't have to lay on the floor that is covered in cat hair and smells like dog pee. I think you'll agree that the mat is an improvement. Bear is working late tonight (the aforementioned overtime), so I might try to mow some of the lawn as well. The sky looks kind of gray, but hopefully the rain will hold off. I have laundry to hang out still, anyway.

Speaking of Bear, I think it's time that he gets another list of reasons why I love him. He really is the best man in the world. So this is for you, baby! I hope you enjoy.

I love you for your dimple
I love when you institute the new rule
I love the way you convince me
I love how you always hold my hand
I love when you help me jump down from things
I love your crazy hair
I love how happy your Patriots blanket makes you
I love when you back me up
I love you for giving me Shota
I love your text messages
I love the way you call my mom "Mom"
I love you for helping me when I'm sick
I love when you take me for a ride
I love you for thinking about going back to school
I love how you tolerating my picking
I love you for your laugh
I love how safe you make me feel
I love how you promise me forever.

I love you, Bear!


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Sue Flaska said...

Awesome post....the I love you part...I know all too well the feeling of having nothing.

But anyway, thanks for your encouragement. One of my husband's co-workers draws and has offered to illustrate for me. Yahoo!!! Baby steps, baby steps...