Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Last night, when Bear came home, I was really hungry. He got in the shower while I made my dinner - the Mondo Sandwich. Here's how you make it:
Toast two pieces of oatmeal bread
Slather both slices with Light Miracle Whip
Place a slice of cheese on top of the miracle whip (two slices)
Lay four pieces of turkey on one side
Place four strips of bacon on the other
Fill the middle with a mountain of shredded lettuce

and voila!

I also added macaroni salad I had left over. As I cooked some leftover curly fries, something strange started happening. I knew I was looking at the fries, but I could only see half of them. Oh no, I thought. That means migraine.
I was right - that was a warning sign of a migraine that was about to strike me down. I put the Mondo Sandwich, macaroni salad and fries on the back of the stove where the dog couldn't get it and laid on the couch. Sure enough, in a few minutes my vision was fuzzy and the pain began. Not hungry any more, I told Bear I had made him dinner (he was fresh out of the shower at this point), and went upstairs in tears.
I hate migraines. They are totally debilitating. I have two prescription meds for them (which I took), but they take forever to work. Add to that the fact that Bear has never seen me have a migraine, and I was very unhappy.
There were, however, two pieces of good news: One, I caught it in time so that I didn't throw up. IF you're a migraine sufferer, you know how much WORSE they are if you throw up the meds. Two (and Im going to Hell for thinking this), I weighed in at 181.2 this morning. That's three pounds! I know that I will gain it back as soon as I eat something, but it cheered me to see that number on the scale. I was almost tempted to see how long I could go w/out eating to maximize the weight loss, but teetered back from that scary cliff edge as fast as I could. I want to lose weight, but I most definitely do NOT want an eating disorder. I'm actually off to find something for breakfast now. I'm thinking juice and toast to start. Maybe I'll try the Mondo Sandwich again tonight for dinner.


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Sue Flaska said...

Holy cats! I have had 3 migrains in my life, and that is 3 too many. I don't envy you at all! Now, we have to chat about you being upset about Bear seeing you that way. Sister, that will be the first of many new things that Bear will see. It's all part of the whole marriage thing, and after I got over that, life was better. Although there are a few things that I still won't do in front of him, and this year is year 8! Where does time go?!?