Wednesday, August 16, 2006


I'm thrilled - I have a new job! That's great news, considering that I was about to be officially unemployed. This job will provide me opportunities to collaborate with colleagues, work with students that most need my help, apply skills and strategies from what I've learned in my graduate program - in short, everything I've been looking for.
Unfortunately, it also comes with a $3,000 pay cut (approximately) once you figure in tzxes and health insurance. It's only a half-time teaching position; the other half is Ed Teching. I should be thrilled. I AM thrilled. But it sucks that as soon as the state raises minimum teacher salaries, I take a pay CUT. I was supposed to get a $1,500 raise this year! That was what I was going to use for my wedding. Now I dont' know WHAT I'm going to use. *sigh*

Add that to two other pieces of news I got relating to my degree that make me unhappy: One, my old district is refusing to pay for the class I took this summer because I'm not coming back this fall. This AFTER they approved me to take the class!!! It was a six credit class, too, so now I have to come up with $1,300 to pay for that before I can take any more classes.
Two, I was supposed to present a 90 minute workshop for other teachers this fall at a conferece, but was informed that now all I'm getting is a roundtable - basically a corner of a room with pamphlets that I give to people as they look at my stuff for a GRAND TOTAL of FIFTEEN MINUTES! I'm so PISSED! Now I have to rework the entire workshop into something that it's not - I'm very displeased about this. Can you tell?

The one good thing that happened today was I killed some spiders. It was tough work - those suckers were HUGE! They had a ton of babies, too. I sprayed them all, though, so they should be dead by now. I'm going to take down their webs here in a minute or two.


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Sue Flaska said...

Did you know that I work for our school district? Ineteresting, huh? Ok, maybe not, but it could be....