Tuesday, August 15, 2006

One and a half months Gone

And what do I have? A net weight loss of three pounds. And I was doing so well! I was on the cusp of 182, and now I'm back to 186. 186.4, to be exact. I'm frustrated, I'm down, but I'm not giving up. Yesterday was both a success and a failure - I mowed most of our lawn yesterday with a push mower (yeay!) and then pigged out at the Sebec Country Store and Diner (12" ham and bacon hoagie with cheese and mayo, curly fries and macaroni salad. I even had two bites of Bear's Mozzarella sticks!). All told, I probably ate twice as many calories as I burned.
Lucky for me, I did get my new issue of Women's Health yesterday. It motivated me to finally buy the two yoga DVD's I've had my eye on for about a month. I always loved Yoga and it doesn't require any special equipment. I should be getting them just in time to go back to school. When will I have the time to do them, you ask? When I get home from school before Bear gets home. Yoga made a difference in my body when I was going to the Y. I'm hoping it will make a diference again.
I am also going to finish mowing the lawn this afternoon. I have one big section left. If I'm feeling up to it after, I might go for a short walk. Anything to help relieve me of the guilt I'm feeling. I want to be hot again. I want it with a burning intensity. So I have to stop making excuses and DO something!
Right after I bring Bear his lunch at work. ;)


PS My California pics are too large for blogger. I am working on getting some cut down so I can post them.

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Sue Flaska said...

Welcome home! If it makes you feel better, my husband and I are trying to lose a few...he's lost 4 pounds, I have gained 3. Where's the justice? We have been walking and eating better, but aparently that doesn't matter for me. Great. Btter luck to you!