Monday, August 28, 2006

And how was your first day?

My first day back to school was a long one. I am new to this district, so while everyone was squealing, "oh my God, how ARE you?" I was sitting there, the odd teacher out. People seem to be nice and are very welcoming, but it's always tough to be the new kid, you know?
On the plus side, this job is going to have some nice perks. For one, we get the use of a laptop that is brand spankin' new - we can take it home, keep it over the summer, everything. So basically I just got a new laptop. Yeay! My old one is now basically just a holder for all of my mp3's. When we get a new desktop computer this spring, I will transfer all of my files over to it and wipe my old comp. Maybe I'll sell it - it's a good machine, I just don't need it.
Also, my room is HUGE. I'm going to have room for a couch and comfy chairs at some point. I can't wait! My classes will be pretty small, so there will be tons of room to move around. I have most of tomorrow to get my classroom in order. I can hardly wait.
Bear took the day of today, as he has been feeling really under the weather lately. Poor guy, he works so hard all week and then I have a huge list of stuff for him to do each weekend. We're really starting to feel the pinch of cooler weather, too - there is so much to get done before cold weather really hits. He got lots of rest today, and it was nice having him home when I got home, even though it meant I didn't get to do my yoga DVD today. Three days 0ff - I miss it. I never thoguht I'd say that, but it's true. After two days I was sore, but it felt good. It is obvious to me that I have not worked my body at all lately. I might end up alternating the two DVDs over the course of the week so that I don't get bored with them, but we'll see.
Tomorrow is another long day, but hopefully also a good one. Think of me while you are out enjoying the summer weather!

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Sue Flaska said...

It's always tough starting a new job. But it sounds like you are in an awesome school, better than our school district at least. Classes here start on the 5th, so we still have another week....yikes.