Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday Again

It's Monday again, and since I don't blog much on the weekends, I thought I'd use today to give you all an update.

1. No books yet. I'm practically foaming at the mouth! I check the mail every day. I hope to get them soon! Once I do, rest assured you will get some mad name-dropping goodness, and maybe even some pics!
2. I did take some pictures this weekend. I hope to post them tonight. Mostly of my knitting, but some of the snow, too. It has finally started to melt. Slowly but surely, it's melting.
3. No news on the Mike front - I know he has my phone number, but if he has called he hasn't left a message. I did NOT go home to my parents' house last weekend, choosing instead to retain my sanity and temper. I know I am better for it. I will perhaps see them this weekend, instead. I'm not sure yet.
4. I'm in the process of revamping my weight loss charts and goals. You'll notice the chart at the bottom of my page has changed - I'm trying to focus more on increasing activity instead of counting calories and such. We'll see how that goes.
5. Bear and I began the arduous process of cleaning out the garage yesterday. Even though it wasn't quite 40 degrees outside, we spent a couple of hours sorting through good stuff and garbage. Tonight I think we are re-arranging furniture in the house. I'm going to try to squeak in spring cleaning where I can.

So that's what's going on in my world. What's going on in yours?



kimmy said...

My husband cleaned out the garage yesterday while I was out...I was thrilled!


Alice said...

Wow! You're doing really well with your weight loss. I just checked out your chart. You go girl!! Glad you're finding some equalibrium again. Weekends are good for restoring your sanity!

Do we get a letter today? :)

Fox In Detox said...

Holy crap girl! I've been reading some of your older posts. You have the patience and sanity of a saint!

Just so you know, I have a brother named Mike too. It must be in the name because he's pretty much cut contact with the rest of us as well.

Congratulations on your weight loss. You're doing great! Keep it up!