Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A email from my Daddy (true story)

When I got to school on Monday, I had the following email from Daddy. I only edited the spelling enough for you to read it - the rest I left as is. This is the true story of what happened at my parents' house last weekend. I should tell you before you read that Baxter is my mom's dog (a Chesapeake Bay Retriever), and my grammie (Mother in the email) lives next door. Debbie is my mom. Oh, and for those who don't know, the .357 is a handgun that my father keeps in his nightstand. Honest. Oh, and one more thing - My grandmother is almost 93, and even on the best of days is a little disoriented.

to: Amalia
from: Daddy

I CAME HOME from work as usual Friday night took the dogs out and went to bed!!! Later Baxter tried to get out of his kennel and was having a bad time so I got up to see what his problem was.. I looked out the little bathroom window to see a person going around the trailer!!! he went up the path to mother's so I told Debbie to call 911 and loaded the .357!!! as I was putting my boots on the garage lights came on at mother's followed by the lights at the door... nobody messes with my mother. I out the back door and headed over as I walked down the hill I couldn't see anyone and was looking around when I saw the dome light on in the GMC and the door open!!! as I got next to the tree he started to exit the truck so I fired a shot just over his head to get his attention!!! I told him to lay on the ground or he would be dead... he slowly got down on the ground and started talking to me BUT I did not have my hearing aids in so I couldn't tell what he was saying so I yelled at him to shut up.. at that time I did not know mother was on the phone with the police but knew Debbie was calling so figured they would show up before long!!! when they came in the yard I stepped away from the tree so they could see me and pointed at him the cops were also talking to me BUT I couldn't here them so I yelled at them that I couldn't hear them a put the .357 on the ground and stepped away from it with my hands in plain sight so they wouldn't shoot me... as soon as they got handcuffs on him I told them I was going in the house to see mother SHE WAS UPSET BUT FINE. he had banged on the door and scared her but she pushed the automatic dial button for 911 and was talking to the dispatcher... she was very shaky but calmed down after the police talked to her she is back in bed but I don't know if she will sleep THANK GOD FOR DOGS AND GUNS

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Anonymous said...

Your dad rocks! He should have let Baxter have at him. I have a chessie too and they can be quite mean.