Monday, March 03, 2008

I'm in an interesting mood today. On the one hand, I am so sore. My whole body hurts from working all weekend (I mopped the whole store Saturday, and half of it on Sunday) and pushing myself hard on the bike. I can feel all of my individual parts, and not in a good way. Today is day eight of working at least one job, and I don't have another day completely off in sight. I can only hope that my body will eventually reward me for my hard work.
On the other hand, I am so looking forward to my afternoon! First, I'm off to take pictures of our snow pack and maybe even a video to show Jenny and some others just how much snow we have right now. I can say truthfully that this is the most snow I've seen at any one time in my entire life. It's a lot of snow! Further, after working at Rite Aid all weekend I finally have a night off to spend with my wonderful husband. I fell like I haven't had much of an opportunity to see him lately, and we're both looking forward to some bonding time. Finally, the temperatures today are supposed to be in the mid-thirties which is a bit of a heat wave for us. Not much makes me happier than the first above freezing day of the year!
Today is the third day of March's Month of Muscle-building, and so far I've managed to burn my required 500 calories on the bike. It has been a challenge (especially last night) but I'm doing it. Playing music helped me get the biking done in record time (in under twenty-one minutes, if you must know). I have really felt the need to stretch the past few days, so I'm hoping to try out this yoga routine when I get home. I am also going to lift weights to start my week off right. I'm very serious about reaching my March goals so that I can get down to 160. I want to be able to welcome spring (and more revealing clothing) with glee instead of guilt.


Alice said...

I'm so proud of you! You continue to inspire me with your workout and dedication of seeing your goal through. Especially as I am preparing for my wedding - it's nice to see someone working hard for what they want.

You go girl!!! :)

PS- I don't have picture of me in the dress, but I do have link to the designers site and I look at it often. Usually 100 times a day!!!

Jenny said...

looking forward to the pics