Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tuesday is letter day!

Dear L-Unit,
Before you begin reading, you should know that this is a love letter. To most people that would sound weird, but I know that you know what I mean. Most of our friendship - short as it has been thus far - has been a love-fest. It's strange, really, to love a woman as much as I love you. You are quite frankly one of the most impressive people I've ever met. To greet each day with joy as you do, to find such pleasure in the small things, to keep smiling no matter what life throws at you ... well, as I said, it's impressive.
It's been well documented that you are an amazing mom. If, God forbid, I should ever procreate, I'd want you to raise him or her. Mothering comes so naturally to you, as though you were born to it. I'm in awe of how calmly you accept and deal with all the crises you have been handed, and the grace with which you rise above each new setback. C-Unit is thriving because you are her mother. She and N-Dogg are the happy, joyful kids they are because they came from you, and have you in them. They are very lucky.
Maybe it's the maternal aspect of you that first drew me to you. My own mother didn't do nearly the job that you have done already, and so I grew up with a hunger for a true mother, someone who would love me unconditionally, despite my faults (rather than view me with distaste because of them). You do that. I know that no matter how badly I have botched something, or how mad I get at myself, you will still love me. You will stand by me, no matter what happens. That kind of support, the have-my-back mentality you demonstrate means more to me than you know. I hope that some day I will be able to repay this trust.
This letter is already long, so I would like to end by bulleting a list of other things about you that are great:
  • You always ask me how I'm doing.
  • You show just enough vulnerability so that I know you aren't perfect.
  • You wouldn't be as great if you were perfect.
  • I swear.
  • You tell great stories.
  • Your dimple.
  • Your laugh.
  • Your text and voice messages.
  • Your children
Finally, thank you for being my friend. I hope that as we grow older, we grow closer, and I find another letter's worth of wonderful things about you.

Sincerely (and with much love),


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kimmy said...

Nicely written...very touching!


Anonymous said...

WOW... I just read that. I am speachless. (that doesn't happen very often) I am feeling so very special right now. "I'm king of the world". Okay that was just wrong... Anyway. Thank you, thank you, thank you... You are way too kind but I loved every word. You are one of the most spectacular people I have ever met and I am so, so lucky....

I love you too...................

I HEART you too.........