Friday, February 29, 2008

March Goals

Happy Leap Day! I've always enjoyed Leap Day. It's always seemed to me that it's a day we give back to the planet, an apology for artificially lengthening each day by three minutes (it actually takes the Earth 23:57 to rotate one full turn). It feels nice to know that after today, we (us and the planet) will once again be all caught up.
After watching the scale go nowhere for about nine days now, I decided to set some new goals for March. Not rewards goals, but activity goals. I have been lacking in motivation lately, and I need to shake things up, get the scale moving again. Here are my March goals:
  • Burn 500 calories on the recumbent bike every day (still pedaling for at least twenty minutes).
  • Use free weights three times a week - three sets of ten reps each.
  • Yoga or yoga/pilates routine once a week.
I'm also going to try to work harder to keep my food journal up to date. I am usually good until dinner, then I stop. I think I'm afraid to see the numbers all added up. I've been making some pretty poor food choices lately. For some reason, my chocolate craving is back in a BIG way. Big in a king-size-Mounds-and-Hershey-bars way.

March is a long month, with 31 days. My goal is to weigh no more than 160.0 by the 31st. That is 6.4 pounds in about four and a half weeks. I can do this. I know I can. I just need to want it as badly as I did the last ten pound loss. I'm got going to get the tanning package reward until I reach this goal, I've decided. Tanned, tone, and 160 is going to look sooo good!

Please, if you can, help me by asking me how I'm doing on my goals this coming month. Just knowing I am accountable to you will help me stay on task.

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