Tuesday, January 16, 2007


I have been receiving some increased traffic on my blog, and it is tremendous! I've gone from only one reader to several regulars, with the odd person popping in off of a Google search. I only hope that I haven't been disappointing. I'm thinking about sharing an essay I've started, but I'm unsure if I should as it is long and isn't finished yet. After the class I took this summer (read about the program here), I consider myself to be a writer, but I haven't written much other than this blog, a poem here and there, and this essay. Nothing I've written has ever been published (not that I've tried). I guess you could say I'm dealing with the normal feelings of insecurity.

On a more positive side, I've been linked! Clare of Three Beautiful Things has added me to the list of people that have done what she has (blog about three beautiful things she has seen that day). Hooray! It's the first instance I've seen of someone providing a link to my blog. I have updated the list of my favorite blogs so you can see who I've been reading lately.

New Entries:
Jennifer Estep
Roughly Speaking
Literally Blind-Sided
Dear Douchebag

I have also noticed that some of the blogs that have been in my favorites for a while are getting cross traffic. People linking to their blogs via the link on mine. Hooray! It's like a college dorm here on the internet, everyone's doors open and people poking their heads in.


PS I AM going to do the save the dates - I just need to buy cardstock and postcard envelopes. The design is all done. Guess what Bear said - "Can you make all of the invitations look exactly like that?" Who does he think I am, Wonder Woman (or Martha Stewart)?!


Shari said...

That's a great way to describe the linking on other blogs-as doors opening and people peeking their heads in. I love it. Thanks for adding me as one of the new entries.

I am right where you are, too. I would like to write books. It's the insecurity thing-rejections. But, hey, you won't get published if you don't try, right? I have heard of some great authors/poets who have had tons of rejections, but are famous because they kept going.

BTW, In case you didn't know, I also have another blog, The Daily Three at http://thedailythree.blogspot.com/ .

Take care.

Sue Flaska said...

Hey there! I love this entry! and traffic is picking up on my blog as well, which rocks. Ok this is going to be a hard one...word ver of the day is "aeuqugm"

The sound of a dry heave. I hate dry heaves.

Anonymous said...

Cool! Thanks for linking me to your blog and for the heads-up about the others. I'll definitely check them out. :-)

And Shari is absolutely write. Every author gets rejections, but you have to shrug them off and keep writing. It might take years to break through and get published, but you can do it.

Jenny said...

Aw, thanks for the mention. I have to check out some of the others on you list.

Keep up the writing. I love reading essays - good luck with the one you are working on.