Monday, January 29, 2007

Caring For Bear

Poor Bear. Just as I am beginning to feel better, he begins to feel worse. In the last two weeks we have been to the hospital twice and the walk in care once. He is suffering from some sort of internal issue; we're not sure if it is stomach, intestine, or gall bladder related. He can't go see a regular doctor because he doesn't HAVE one right now. How is this possible? It's a long story, but here's the jist:
  • Bear's regular doctor retired about five years ago.
  • His files are shipped to a new doc (Dr. Dunston).
  • Bear NEVER sees Dr. Dunston. Seriously - he doesn't go to a doctor for almost five years.
  • Bear goes to the hospital for what we think is Lyme Disease. Decides to get a real doctor closer to home.
  • Tries to get in to Milo Family Practice. They won't see him without his medical files.
  • Bear calls Dr. Dunston's office. They say they will send his records.
  • Weeks go by.
  • Bear tries at Milo FP again. Still no records.
  • He calls Dr. Dunston's office. THEY DON'T HAVE HIS FILE!
  • Dunston's office says the hospital may have his records; if not, they have been THROWN OUT!
  • Bear goes to hopsital for stomach issue, as he STILL cannot be seen by Milo FP.
Is that not the stupidest thing ever? How can they just throw out someone's file like that? It isn't like he's old and therefore probably dead - he's 23!! Shouldn't they have at least CHECKED to see if he was still alive or would possibly need his entire medical history?! It makes me so mad, especially because there is something really wrong with him, and he isn't getting any help for it. All the hospital does is draw blood. He needs a regular doctor to check him over, test his gall bladder, maybe get a CT or an ultrasound. SOMETHING!

Can you tell I'm frustrated?

That's what we've been dealing with this week... Friday we head to my parents' house for the annual Home Show in Augusta. Plus we will be dining at Country Farms restaurant, the best restaurant I've ever been to. Baked haddock with cheddar and bacon, here I come!


PS Watch in your mail for save-the-dates. I'm printing them tonight, so they should be mailed out this weekend! I will scan one in to show you once they're done.

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Shari said...

I just got my diploma as a Medical Office Specialist and Medical Billing Specialist. I am currently working on getting my Coding certificate. Who knows, I may go on to get an associate degree in Health Information Technology.

Medical records are purged (thinned out). Not everything gets thrown out. Immunization records should always stay with the medical record. If a patient file is old and inactive, it should be in storage somewhere, maybe off-site. Every state has different retention laws as to how long patient information is retained. I looked up one for your area. Hope it helps.