Wednesday, January 10, 2007

It's that time again!

BRIDAL SHOW TIME! I'm getting excited. There is a bridal show in Bangor this weekend and I'm going. I wouldn't have if I hadn't won tickets from the radio station, but I did, so I'm going. I am hoping to talk to florists and rental companies, and compete in American Bridal Idol. What is that, you ask? It's like American Idol (or any karaoke contest, really) where brides sing a song for about a minute and a half, and are judged by employees of the local jewelry store that sponsors the contest. Winners get jewelry worth as much as $200! Last July I went to my first bridal show and won third place in Idol, fetching me a $75 pair of sterling silver hoop earrings with ruby posts. Bridal shows are addicting. Every vendor kisses your butt, pretending to care about your event details in the hopes that you will hire them and they can make money. It's impossible not to feel special after an afternoon of butt kissing. They have hourly door prizes and if you are one of the first brides at a particular booth, you can win even more free stuff! They have samples of cake and other foods, goodie bags, gift certificates and one bride will win a free honeymoon cruise! It is worth going, I swear. You enter to win a bunch of stuff so that vendors can get your mailing address. Last time my arm got tired from filling out so many forms, so this time I'm going to be smart and will bring address labels.

I will write all about it next Monday. I am also hoping to get up some pictures of the afore-mentioned bookcase so you can see what an awesome job Bear did on it. Blogs are better with pictures, don't you agree? What do you want pics of? I'll put up what I can.



Sue Flaska said...

We would laugh and laugh if we were together. And yes, you awesome person you, there are more readers of my blog. The bridal show sounds fun, but the hell if I would sing in public. You are a brave warrior. This comments word verification" Glad you asked....

Shari said...

Wedding plans, huh? I saw a recent post (scroll down to the second recent post) on another blog ( )
about a webzine. It's about going "green" (saving the earth and going back to nature). It was interesting. I am the tradional person-white gowns for me.

Congratulations. Planning weddings are fun. I didn't go to bridal shows and stuff, though. Just the basics-compared prices of flowers, the hall, catering, dresses, attendants' gifts, cake, etc.

To bad I didn't pay more attention to all the prizes and freebies. Oh, well. I worked a lot of hours then. Overtime. But then again, I don't like being in crowded places for too long. I worry about stepping on other people's feet.