Tuesday, January 23, 2007


It took two calls to my doctor, but I am finally diagnosed with an actual illness. I have the Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV). It causes Mono. Basically, I have Mono. When she told me this, it answered so many questions about why I am so tired, why my neck was swollen (it lives in the lymph nodes and salivary glands), why I keep getting the chills, why my face is so often hot (low grade fever). Unfortunately, it also means there is no treatment. You can't take anything for a virus - you just have to wait it out. I was looking at WebMD about EBV, and it says that some people carry the virus their whole lives and never get sick, while others carry it and it "flairs up" from time to time. I think I fall into this second category. I think when I first got sick a year and a half ago, that was what was wrong with me. I think this is just another flair up. So, I am to drink lots of fluids, rest as much as I can, and avoid hitting my spleen. The virus can cause symptoms for several weeks, but the exhaustion can last months. I'm not looking forward to that!!

In other news, my FABULOUS mother (an adjective I've never used for her before) has booked Bear and me three fabulous nights at the Holland Inn! I couldn't believe that she offered to do that, but was very excited that she did. She paid the deposit, and Bear and I will pay the rest with the money we get from the wedding. We even got the best room in the place (Ship Harbor!) WOO HOO! That was a big thing checked off the list. I'm very relieved.

Also: Bear has given me the okay to create the invitations that I want to! They are super cute and have his fingerprint and mine on the outide. I'll scan one when I get them done and post it here. It's super cute! The only catch is that I have to have the vendor and porta potty companies booked in the next three weeks and have an estimate from the photographer. NO PROBLEM! I'm hoping to view the rental place on Feb. 4, and if I like it, then I will sign the contract then. Mom and Dad are paying the deposit, so no worries there. After that I just have to get a florist and some estimates from them! I'm not having a lot of flowers done by the florist - just the bridal bouquet and bouttenires (I know that is misspelled) for the guys. I'm not tossing my bouquet, so that's not an issue, and the flowers we are using on the tables will be in bloom on our property (so they are free!). I finally feel like things are coming together... yeay!



Jenny said...

Oh gosh, I knew someone with mono. They said they would get tired just walking up the stairs. Rest, rest, rest!

Sue Flaska said...

You are on FIRE girl! You have gotten so much done, you must be feeling a lot better than the other post when you were freaking just a tad.

And thank God that it is only mono...I know how that sounds, but it could be way worse. Take crae of yourself and drink drink drink...water, not beer, although that could be interesting...


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