Thursday, September 18, 2008

Shit, Shit, Shit

I shouldn't have complained. Because as bad as yesterday was when I blogged, it got a HELL of a lot worse. Since I last blogged:

  • My truck broke down. On my way to my inservice training.
  • I sliced my hand open with a box cutter at Rite Aid. Kinda bad. Like, hurts every time I move it bad.
  • This morning, after calling the garage, I find they want to charge me $500 JUST for parts to fix the damn thing!!!!!!! It just needs a fuel pump and sender. It CAN'T cost that much. Oh, and the best part? That's just the price for the PARTS. That doesn't even cover LABOR.


Fox In Detox said...

This too shall pass....

Just think of the that blueberry coffee cake you made, and that yummy husband!

Anonymous said...

Everything will work out...It always does, hun. Keep your chin up

Anonymous said...

Buy the parts yourself. You can order them online and save a lot of money.