Friday, September 19, 2008

I TOLD you there was a silver lining!

After 34 days of waiting (I said 33 yesterday, but I forgot that August has 31 days in it), I finally got my new sneakers. It is a good thing, too. Here are my old ones:

See the giant holes under my big toes? Yep. I wore these poor things OUT! It didn't help that I wear them to school and Rite Aid a lot, either. My NEW sneakers will be JUST for running. Look at how pretty they are:

What do you think?


Fox In Detox said...

Well, they're ok...but they would totally rock if they were New Balance!

Alice said...


Jenny said...

like the pink :-)

Heather said...

Thanks Jenny, I like it too! My husband rolled his eyes when he saw them, but I don't care! I think they're snazzy.