Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Finish Line, Shoe Puveyor from Hell

I ordered new sneakers on August 15th. I ordered them from Finish Line, because they had free shipping and I didn't want to drive three hours South to get them from the one store in Maine that carries them (Finish Line doesn't carry them in their stores. Go figure).

I STILL do not have them!

UPS lost the package in New Jersey, a trace had to be put on the package, yada yada yada... I've been dealing with this for weeks. I'm so fucking FED UP! I just want my FUCKING SNEAKERS. I haven't run in over a month because my current sneakers are so crappy they hurt just to stand in, let alone run. I am calling Finish Line again today - if they don't give me my sneakers, they can go fuck themselves and give me my money back. I HATE them.




Alice said...

So frustrating! I had the same experience with DishNetwork. Why do people thingk they can get by with crappy customer service??

Fox In Detox said...

Did you know that there's a New Balance Factory outlet in Skowhegan and Norway? Check out the 992's or the 805's. They've got shoes to fit every running style, and foot width.