Thursday, September 18, 2008

Okay, enough.

Okay. Two days of ceaseless bitching has taken its toll. I needed to vent (I'm probably not done venting yet, actually), but tonight I'm mostly waiting for the upswing. After things suck, they get better, right? I sure could use some of that right now. My truck is being repaired by a mechanic I trust for a *much* more reasonable rate than the other place quoted me. My mechanic, Mikey, is sweet and trustworthy (if you can get past the fact that he likes to show his penis "Duke" to everyone), and is saving me quite a bit of money. I'm so grateful to him right now, he could show me Duke right now and I wouldn't even mind. I'm that thankful.
My sneakers came today - thirty-three days after I ordered them. I will be taking and posting pictures of them tomorrow. As soon as I get home tomorrow, I'm going to run. And I'm going to KEEP running. Until I feel better. Until I can't run any more. Until my head clears and I'm in a better place. Because I need to be. Because I want to be.

All I have to do is get through tomorrow. If I can make it to 3pm, I'll have made it. Made it to the weekend and made it home. I just have to get to 3pm. Wish me luck!


PS Thanks to all who offered words of encouragement... it was noticed and appreciated.


Alice said...

Oh, my. I've been out of the loop these past few days and am just now catching up. So sorry you've had a rough go of it. It sounds like you are on the upswing, though! Keeping my fingers crossed that you make it to 3PM and then have a FANTASTIC weekend. :)

Fox In Detox said...

I'm right there with you kid. I'm tired of whining too. I need to get some sleep, and you've given me a great idea. I think I'm going to stay on my elliptical machine until I pass out from exhaustion. I was avoiding it because I am so tired..but maybe it's just what I need.