Friday, September 12, 2008

Food pics (For Alice and Eileen)

Be warned - these things taste MUCH better than they look, which means they kinda look like crap. Taking photos for a cooking magazine will never be one of my jobs. Here's the Alaskan Blueberry Coffee Cake:
Obviously I need to grease the pan next time. I don't just bake, you know. I make my own trail mix, too. This one has almonds, pine nuts, chocolate chips, coconut, and organic granola:
The best snacks, however, have always been made by Little Debbie:


Alice said...

I think the blueberry cake looks devine! Your Little Debbie comment made me laugh. Your comment on my blog about Fridays made me spit coke on the computer. :)

Hope you have a good evening tonight!!!

Heather said...

Sorry to make your computer all spitty! But I'm glad that I made you laugh.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, I am now drooling for blueberry coffee cake. I love how it looks and could probably could eat the whole thing. YUMMY!!

Little Debbie's...too funny. They are definately in my price range, if I dare to bring them in this house, the are gone as soon as the box is open.

Thanks for making my night!!

Fox In Detox said...

That blueberry coffee cake looks amazing. I'm doing low carb right now...this didn't help a bit.