Friday, February 22, 2008


This morning, still groggy from sleep, I stepped on the scale in the bathroom. As tired as I was, it took a second for the number on the scale to make sense to me. I blinked at it, for a moment thinking that I'd backtracked all the way back to where I'd begun. But the scale didn't say 175.4, it said 165.4!!! I quickly backed off the scale, worried that if I stood there any longer, the number would change, a cruel joke by my scale. When the digital screen went dark, I tentatively tapped it with my toe to turn it on again. When it said 0.0, I stepped back on.

The number appeared again. 165.4.

The sun broke through the clouds right then, sunshine streaming into the bathroom. Or maybe the world just appeared brighter to me, at that moment, when I realized - I've lost TEN POUNDS. Ten pounds! Double digits! It seems a little unreal. Just two days ago the scale was up around 168, making me think my loss was over, that I was gaining back all that weight. But two days after resuming tracking my meals, those two phantom pounds plus another half-pound are gone. I am still shocked, but I'm also thrilled. I've surpassed all of the timelines I had set for myself, have done better than I ever thought I would. And you know what? It's working. I know that as I get closer to my goal, it will get more difficult to keep losing. I'm prepared for that. I have a plan. For now, I'm excited to be where I am. I feel like Dan Marino in those NutriSystem ads - "Losing never felt so good!"

You're right Dan - it feels awesome.

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Alice said...

Congrats, girl! That is AWESOME! You should be so-incredibly-proud of yourself! I am.