Monday, February 11, 2008

Thoughts I had while in detention

Well, doing detention duty, anyway.

I'm in the beginning stages of my poetry unit with my sophomores right now. Of all my units, my poetry unit is my best and most loved. I started it two weeks early this year because I needed a pick up to get me through these last two months (or so) of winter. I love seeing what the students write, and what I write along with them. Many of the things I write are continuations of things I have started once, but never completed. I can see my writing with new eyes because it has been a year (at least) since I've seen some of these things, and I can begin the work of crafting anew. Below I've posted some "waifs and strays" as Charles de Lint would call them, things I've begun before and will work on again now. Please feel free to provide whatever feedback you can on these poemlets, as I call them. I'm interested to see what you think! If you can't think of anything to write about my poemlets, consider posting some of your own. Do you have a phrase, sentence, line, or stanza that sits unused, dusty, in your mind or an old notebook? Take it out, dust it off, and post it here! All are welcome. :)

The pages of her journal
mark where she's been.
Tear-soaked and travel-stained,
The binding worn thin.

A cacophony overhead
a pair of eighths in front
a trill from behind
an inquisitive quarter
plays a bar or two.

Quiet spaces became a part of this woman,
the moist closeness of mingled breaths
and arms that lifted, instead of let down.
The woman became confidence, worthiness, too
and laughter - core deep and cobalt blue,

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Alice said...

LOVED the poetry. As much as I love to write, poetry is the one thing that eludes me. But I love to read well-written poetry. It's like music for my eyes.

Keep sharing if you expand on these!