Tuesday, February 12, 2008

How I'm doing

This morning I had to walk to the office to ask the secretary a question. When she looked up and saw me standing at her desk, she said, "Hey, you look great! Have you lost weight?" She's the FIRST person to notice a difference in the way I look without being told first (by me) that I have lost nine pounds.

Nine pounds.

This morning I officially weigh less than I did when I met my husband more than two years ago. Then I was 167.8. Today I weigh 167.0. I'm thrilled, I'm in shock, I'm... overcome with feelings I can't quite name. Most of all, I keep thinking, I can't believe it's working. I can't believe I'm actually losing this weight! It seems unbelievable that this time it's working for me, when all other times I failed. I catch myself thinking things like, "now when I have an off day, I will still be under 170!" and, "167.0 is ALMOST 166! Can you believe 166?! That's almost in the 150s!!" I know that I still have a long row to hoe. I'm ready for that. But at the same time, I am so thrilled that I have already begun reaping what I've sown (to continue the metaphor). Nine pounds! Wow.

I have been thinking about revamping me weight loss goals, because I started out with four, and met three of them in the same month (under 170, BMI of 24.9 or less, weight I was when I met my husband). I'm still getting the shirt, but I'm going to wait a while on that. I can get it any time now, so I will leave it for a day when I need the pick-me-up. Here are my new goals:

1. Husband-meeting weight: Pedicure with my friend L- Unit (this is tentatively scheduled for next week).

2. Under 165: tanning package

3. Under 160: One hour of electrolysis

4. Under 155: New bathing suit (bikini!!)

I hope to get a ten pound weight loss total by the end of February. That's only one more pound! If I get that, I will shift my hopes to become 165 or less by the end of the month.

I'm also going to cease tracking my calories on the weekend and see how I do. It's difficult to track them anyway due to my busy schedule, so we will see how I do "on my own," so to speak.

Next week is vacation week for me. I will be working my second job, but I don't predict to be getting more than thirty hours, which leaves me with a lot of free time. I would like to be able to say that I do more than just biking during that time - maybe a walk, my yoga DVD... something. I do NOT want to spend that time eating and laying on the couch! L-Unit, I'm looking to you to keep me busy.


I can't remember if I mentioned it, but my wonderful husband has decided to lose weight, too! He's cutting back on portions, riding the bike, and making his lunch the night before instead of buying it in town. Since the Superbowl, he's lost eleven pounds! Good work Bear! I'm so proud of him. Now, if I could just get the cat to lose some weight....


Jenny said...

Congrats! What a great accomplishment :-)

Alice said...

Wow! That's so great! Keep up the good work and keep blogging about it. You inspire me!

Sue Flaska said...

Man! You are just rocking it!! I also have to comment on the picture of youin the white sweater...oh my gosh! What a wonderful picture, and by the way, you look great in it! I have to get back on that treadmill....