Wednesday, January 09, 2008

You know what I think?

I think that dieting makes people boring, and that's why people quit. Seriously - it seems like that's all I've talked about lately - how many calories I have eaten, what exercise I need to do to burn off said calories... blah blah blah. So in honor of that, I am going to post something witty and wonderful. Right now. Really.


You see? I can't. I've become so focused on myself that I'm unable to make conversation. This sucks! All my updates (like an entire pound lost, thank you very much!) revolve around my weight loss. Like I'm some kind of planetary body with satellites of info making lazy orbits around my body. Ugh. That's a comparison I could have done without.

I could tell you about the books I've been reading. A few new ones, a few old favorites, a few I just couldn't finish. Here's what's been on my nightstand recently:

Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides. The first part of the book was great - a lot of his family's history, the cause of and tracing of a genetic defect in his family. I lost interest halfway through, though and stopped reading before he began talking about his own condition (hermaphroditism). It's written well, though, and you are made to think that the author is the narrator and it is a true story. As far as I know, it isn't.

Jemima J by Jane Green. A must read for anyone trying to lose weight. It's motivating, funny, and makes you feel like if Jemima can do it, you can do it. Jane Green also nails the thoughts of "women of size." Read it - you'll love it.

Never Have Your Dog Stuffed by Alan Alda. I've read about seven pages so far. It's mildly interesting (he grew up in his father's burlesque show... interesting!), but it doesn't flow chronologically and that bugs me. I'm not sure how much further I will go with it.

Queen of Babble by Meg Cabot. I LOVE Meg Cabot. She's funny, clever, and writes a great story. This book is great so far (I'm about halfway through it), but the narrator sounds really young to me - not like a college graduate at all.

That's all I have for you right now. Wasn't that interesting, witty, and fun? No? Hmmm. Any suggestions? What do you want to hear about?


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kimmy said...

Thanks for all your book suggestions! I love to read and am always looking for a good book to get my hands on!

Don't worry about not having anything to write about - I just blogged about my earlobes for the past two days :-)