Tuesday, January 01, 2008


So yesterday was the first day of the new me (I know that today is New Year's Day, but when you've made a decision, why wait to start?). How did I do? Better than I thought I would. It was also SO much tougher than I thought. I'm so accustomed to eating when I'm hungry or when I see something yummy that breaking that cycle was almost physically painful. I had to take my lunch at Rite Aid almost two hours early so that I didn't just grab some snacks off the shelf and eat them. what I really couldn't get over was how hungry I was, and it seemed that because I had to watch what I ate, I was going to be stuck in Hungersville forever. It sucked. It may also be part of the reason I already overate at breakfast, chomping down almost half of my caloric intake. I'll get into that later.

I need to give you my stats, so here they are:

Weight: 176.0
Height: 5'9"
Age: 26
BMI: 26.0
Waist: 34"
Hips: 41"
Arms: 13"
Legs: 26"

My first goal is to get under 170 pounds. That's six pounds, equalling roughly the size of three and a half grapefruits. A pound of fat = 3,500 calories, so I need to lose 21,000 calories. According to Glamour.com's calculators, to maintain my weight I need to eat 2,112 calories a day. Cutting or burning 500 a day will drop me a pound a week. Yesterday I ate about 1,335 calories (cutting 777), and burned approximately 281 calories on the stationary bike. My pedometer says I walked about 8,000 steps yesterday (the recommended total is 10,000 but I'm shooting for over 5,000 a day to start). That was a lot of numbers to throw at you. Sorry. The total is 1,058 calories lost yesterday. At that rate it will take me about twenty days to lose those six pounds. It's kind of funny when you look at it that way, because I've been trying to lose those six pounds for two years. I will be both shocked and disappointed (and psyched) if it comes off that quickly. Seriously - if it were that easy and I just didn't do it for two years, that means I'm lazy! Why the hell didn't I do that sooner?

Of course this morning, I used my new Belgian waffle maker and made waffles. I consumed 767 calories. Ugh. I ate 225 yesterday for breakfast. I'm hoping to stay full through lunch (it's eleven-thirty now) and do better for dinner.

I'm looking now for a good website that lists caloric info - bananas don't list their calorie amounts, nor do most fruits or vegetables. Do you know of any? I'm also looking for a way to represent my progress graphically. Maybe a widget? Do any of you know a way to do that? Thanks.


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