Monday, January 07, 2008

a 3BT of the weekend

1. Finally being added to the email list of bridesmaid's for my brother's wedding. I am the fifth of five bridesmaids, and being a bridesmaid is a first for me. All of the ladies are sweet, articulate, intelligent, and funny. We are all over the country, but connect daily via email. It feels great to be included. I'm to try on bridesmaid dresses this weekend if possible.

2. Bear and I went to Portland this weekend to spend my Christmas gift cards. I am the proud owner of new sneakers, two pairs of jeans, a pair of pants, two knit shirts, a pullover hoodie, six pairs of underwear, and one bra. Bear's attitude was awesome - he was so patient! We ate an amazing meal (cheese fries and Alice Springs chicken!), and enjoyed our hotel room. All in all, it was another awesome weekend with my Bear.

3. Despite eating my way through the weekend (I didn't count calories, per L-Unit's instructions), I only put on 2/10s of a pound. I managed to bike both the day I left home and the day I came back. It felt awesome to keep that commitment to myself. I'm back on the wagon as of yesterday, and it was easier than I thought it would be. I am actually looking forward to tomorrow's weigh in.


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kimmy said...

Thanks for the suggestion - I'll give it a try. I actually saw those at Best Buy and I wondered if they were worth it!