Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Last night I did my twenty minutes of biking, in between folding laundry and putting away Christmas decorations. I'd carefully counted my calories all day and even took the fit test on When I went to bed, I felt happy. In fact, I was smiling and giggly when I went to bed. Finally, I thought, I'm starting to lose the weight. My inspiration must have been catching, because Bear rode the bike for ten minutes and went downstairs to his punching bag, too. It's the first time I've seem him exercise in over a year. I just remember thinking that I am going about it right this time - I'm not fobidding any specific foods, I'm concentrating on changing the way I eat (and how much), as well as trying to help myself by increasing my physical activity level. Surely I would be rewarded for that, right?

Nope. At least, not yet.

While my friend L-Unit lost two pound in two days, I actually GAINED half a pound! I couldn't believe it when I weighed myself this morning. I actually got off the scale and looked underneath it for anything it might be sitting on that would give it a false reading. A ha! I said as I retrieved a barett from the floor under the scale. Now I would get my reral weight. The scale (very) quickly flashed the same number on the scale. 176.4. Ugh.

I'm trying really hard not to be discouraged. I new I wasn't going to lose it all immediately, right? Right?! So why am I SO disappointed? Because I was hoping for fast results, actually. I was at least hoping not to have moved UP on the scale. Sigh.

So where do I go from here? Do I stay the course or make some changes? I'm going to stay the course, I think. As soon as I finish this I am going to get on the bike. When I'm done that, I'm going outside to shovel some of the snow we got yesterday (school was cancelled today, as we got about two feet of snow overnight!). I'm going to drink a lot of water and continue to count my calories. I'm going to look for some inspiring stories. I may even do yoga. And when I'm done all that, I'm going to L-Unit's house to become re-inspired. She does that for me, and right now, I need it.


PS I was told about a website - that has an awesome calorie counter - it even had info on my homemade pumpkin butter! Check it out if you get time.


Jenny said...

Your hubs has a punching bag? I've always wanted one of those. I've hit one at a gym a few times and it's fun, but exhausting!

YesBut said...

Amilia, Amilia - putting away Christmas decorations, shock horror - you have to wait until 12th night :)