Thursday, August 09, 2007

Summer Vacation

It's the second week of August, which means I have two more weeks of vacation before I go back to school. Usually by this time I am missing my students and my coworkers, and I'm looking forward to going back.

This time I'm just bored.

There are so many chores to be done around the house, there is just so much free time in front of me, that I don't want to do much of anything. I hate chores, but there's nothing to fill my time with unless I do them. So what do I do? I'm not much of a tv watcher, so that's out. I'd like to read in bed all day, but the one time I tried it Bear came home unexpectedly and caught me. I won't way that he was mad, exactly, but he definitely wasn't impressed, either.

I need something to do!

I've been baking a lot lately - everything from muffins, biscuits and shortcakes to oatmeal/raisin cookies and fruit smoothies. But cooking leads to dishes, and I hate doing those.

I think the worst part is that I'm alone - all day. I have no one to talk to but the cat, and he doesn't want to hear my problems. The neighbors have their own stuff going on (not that I know them well enough to hang out anyway). I love my alone time as much as the next girl, but ten weeks of it? I think I'll go mad.



Anonymous said...

Just stumbled upon your blog ... what caught my eye was "Brownville Junction" .... in the early '70's I was involved in Maine's Bureau of Retardation, as it was called then, in getting youngsters out of "Pineland" (which you most likely have never heard of) and into community group homes.

One was a lad from Brownville Junction who always spoke romantically of his home town and the "Little Red School House" he attended before being sent to Pineland.

These days I often think of these teen lads who were sent away from their home towns because they had developmental disability, and had reached male puberty.

Your "brownville Junction" stirred my thoughts of that lad and his love of his town.


Shari said...

This is why I don't like cooking and baking so much. They create a lot of dishes when you are done.

Sometimes my oldest gets into a cooking/baking mood. I don't mean to (it's more I want her to understand the consquences of it), but I stump her excitement about baking by telling her that she can do the dishes when she's done. (Well, most of the time I have to wash the dishes after I cook.) Double duty.

Hubby really doesn't like it much if I am reading or on the computer too long either. But he can sit and watch TV all day and I am not supposed to say anything. (eye-rolling here-double standard).