Tuesday, August 14, 2007


That's how much money I've made freelancing so far. I'm not kidding. That money comes to me via the website thisisby.us, where anyone can write and post and the community votes for the writing it likes best. While I'm a bit disappointed at how slowly the money is coming in (I am going to have to write a LOT of content on that site to make money), I was surprised to find that my first post was listed as a "best post." People were very positive in their comments... it gave me great warm and fuzzies.

The same story I submitted there I also submitted to commonties.com and - brace yourself - the Chicken Soup for the Soul people. The former will pay $100-200 for a story it prints (I'll know if I got accepted on the 16th), and the latter pays $300 a story (who knows when/if I'll hear from them). I'm not a fan of the chicken soup books, but I am most definitely a fan of $300.

In lighter news, Bear said we can get a new kitten! He explained very gently that he isn't ready for a dog yet, and he knows how badly I want one. I have to admit, that broke my hear a little bit. But I found the wherewithal to ask him if that meant I could at LEAST get a cat. Zedd needs company, I pouted. He agreed, grudgingly. It was rather fortuitous that when we visited his friend Kelly this weekend, she had three kittens that needed homes. One of them has only one eye - she is adorable. As soon as I saw her I turned to Bear, and he groaned, but didn't say no.

She comes home on the 16th of September.

I've much to do to prep the house for a precocious little kitten, but I'm thrilled. They one eye worries me a bit, but it doesn't seem to bother her and my vet will check her out as soon as I get her home.



Sue Flaska said...

I am now on my way to making $.51 too! That is a neat site, thanks for letting everyone know about it. What is your profile name on there?

Heather said...

Sue, my profile name is Boutrosbabe.

what's yours?


PS Sue, you're going to be awesome! You have so many cool stories to share.