Monday, June 02, 2008

So Many Words for So Few Days

Bear and I returned last night from our weekend of fun/work in Boothbay Harbor and Waldoboro, ME. My brother and his fiancé flew in from Arizona to his mother's house in Waldoboro for a weekend of wedding planning. We hadn't seen them since our own wedding last June, and couldn't wait for them to get here. Bear and I drove down Friday afternoon and checked in to the historic Moody's Diner cabins for our two-night stay. The cabin was quite cute - obviously run by older people (as witnessed by the curtains and other decor), and clean. And just what we needed. Friday night we visited with M and T (bother and fiancé), as well as the long lost brother Mike. I made my husband and M proud, because I was very polite. I even hugged him. And as T noted, I did NOT spring the numerous verbal traps that Mike walked into. We haven't really talked about anything. It wasn't the time. But everyone who knew how I felt mentioned to me how restrained I was. It was nice knowing that my effort was acknowledged.
Saturday morning, after breakfast, T and I headed to bridal shops to look for her shoes, underthings, and tiara. We found all three in Portland, where I bought my wedding dress last year. It was very successful, considering how we managed to lose Route 1 a number of times. The whole way down and back, T and I talked. And talked. And talked. We really got a chance to get to know each other for the first time. And you know what? I absolutely ADORE her. She is just like me (and I didn't think there was such a person), but even feistier. She is beautiful, articulate, and genuinely warm. I am beyond thrilled that this woman will soon be a member of my family.
Saturday night we headed to a Bob Marley comedy show after a wonderful dinner. The theater we saw him at was very small, so we got to see him up close. I swear we made eye contact a couple of times. I was a little worried he was going to say something when I got up in the middle of the show to pee, actually. That's how close we were. He didn't, thank God. After the show we went immediately to the bar. Mike was DD, which allowed me to get drunk, really drunk, for the first time in a long time. I had TWO Long Island Iced Teas (two wine coolers will do me in, so that should give you an idea). I remember everything - even telling T my ENTIRE life story and having to hold Mike's hand to run across the road to the car. I wasn't stumbling or anything (even in three inch heels!) but I wasn't about to chance it, either. I definitely remember Mike sliding down the stripper pole in the dance club (why was that thing even there, anyway?) while stone cold sober. I had to shake my head.
Sunday morning Mom and Dad showed up for breakfast. It was nice - T sat with Bear and I so that I didn't have to sit with Mike. It's not that I don't like him... it's more that he's a jackass and irritates me with his inane comments. Bear and I had checked out of Moody's, but weren't quite ready to go home, so we followed M and T to the Spruce Point Inn where the wedding will be held. M had seen it before, but T had not. The only thing she knew about it was from the pictures I sent her last fall. It was so validating when she saw the place she and M will say their vows and got choked up. She was in awe of the entire place, which made me so happy! I was thrilled that I had helped guide her to a decision she was so obviously thrilled with.
When Bear and I decided to leave, T and I hugged. I didn't want to say goodbye, knowing it will be four months before I see her again. I hugged M, too, but really?
It's T that I'll miss more.

There are other things that I'll remember from this weekend - T scaring the crap out of three grown men as she runs at M's Jeep, yelling and screaming. Making eye contact with T during Bob Marley, knowing that we were thinking the same thing. Cuddling with Bear early in the morning. Sipping coffee with Bear while waiting for the world to awaken. The stripper pole and Mike's feet in the air as he slid down. The waitress that flung our drinks at us. Getting to know this amazing woman that I will soon be lucky enough to call my sister.


Alice said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend. I'm glad things went better than expected with Mike. And more importantly, I'm glad you have found a sister. :)

Sue Flaska said...

sigh....I am jealous. Sounds like a great weekend!

TaraFal said...

I know that this is late in coming and for that I do apologize (as I so often do.). You know why I apologize? Because I never want you to be unhappy or sad or even just mostly happy. I want you to always be happy and have all the things you want and deserve.

I love you too. And I missed you desperately while I was gone, but I am back now, and living only 1.5 hours from you and that certainly makes me a very happy T. Though you do have to come up with a new nickname for me.

I love you!

T (your person)