Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Wedding miscellania

I haven't been updating about the wedding as often lately, mostly because there isn't a whole lot to report. Things are starting to come together, but there is still a long way to go. I'm offically 110 days away - it sounds like no time at all!

I received the estimate from my photographer. She signed me up for the cheapest package she has - $1,900. That DOUBLES my wedding budget. Seriously. I looked at my options, and I think I am going to ditch the package and just hire her a la carte - $200 per hour for three hours ($600), which comes with all of the proofs and all the photos on a CD. I'm going to get the coffee table book I want, which is probably another $150 - $200. It's worth it. After that, I think maybe one or two 8x10s ($35 matted and framed), and I'm good. Do I really need the $110 11x14? I just don't think I do. Not to mention that I can order and prints I want any time I want in any size I want AFTER the wedding.

I'm signing the rental contract this weekend and giving them the deposit my dad gave me. I'm also submitting some pictures I've taken to a photo contest. I will try to post them so you can tell me which ones you like best. Wish me luck!


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