Monday, March 19, 2007

Only in Maine...

... can you shovel snow with a pitchfork (I know this because that's what I did yesterday - for hours!).

... are Citronella candles acceptable wedding reception centerpieces.

... can you wear your winter parka on Monday and shorts on Tuesday.

... is the summer divided into two separte parts: black fly and mosquito.

... are the animals big enough to make road kill out of YOU.

... is the epxression, "you can't get there from here" actually true.

... are red hot dogs and whoopie pies offered by caterers.

... does your car look like a salt lick by spring.

... is "ayuh" synonymous with "I do."

... do the bridesmaids have more facial hair than the groom (I've seen this also, so I know it's true! Thankfully not at MY wedding).

... are Winter Carnival dances held in Spring so the kids don't freeze in their outfits (also true, I am chaperoning the W.C. dance at my school this weekend).



Sue Flaska said...

Love the list!

word vert:


a little song or "ditty" refering the someone who uses a person for their own personal gain. Shame on them!

Jenny said...

I've always wanted to visit Maine. Seems like it would have some pretty spots.

Thanks for the recipe!