Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Spring is Here Again!

Today marks the first full day of spring. Fittingly, it is four degrees outside and showshowers are expected tonight. It will be a bit warmer the rest of the week, though, so that's good. Dunkin' Donuts is having a promotion today - FREE iced coffees ALL DAY! It's their way of celebrating spring, and I'm right there with them. I got my free iced coffee this morning (with sugar and skim milk, as cream will do a number on my stomach). I will stop by DD again on the way home to have one for the ride. Bear and I will probably also get one tonight when we're in Bangor getting groceries. You know the kid in "The Legend of Ricky Bobby" that says, "I'm jacked up on Mountain DEW!"? I'm going to be that kid today.

My students are going to hate me. :-D

Bear and I worked on wedding stuff last night. We got the guest list figured out, but we aren't terribly happy with it. It is just going to be so difficult to keep the guests down to the 100 we have space for. The only good thing about our list is that twenty of the 102 or so on it are children under twelve. I figure they don't need individual seats, especially as many of them will be down by the water swimming, fishing, or just chucking rocks. Am I right in that? There's not going to be specified seating, either - you just sit where you find a seat. That way I can bypass an entire wedding headache.

I'm beginning to think of the small things I am going to need, like signs to point the way to the wedding/reception area and possibly balloons for the mailbox to mark where people can park. I am also looking for a tongue ring with white balls on the ends (maybe even one that says bride?). Any ideas? I'm not sure where on the internet to look for that.

You didn't think I'd go without it, did you?


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