Monday, February 12, 2007

Wedding Update # 3 (I think)

Finally, at long last, I have booked the rental vendor! I have decided on Brewer Equipment and Party Rental. It is about 100 miles away from where the wedding will be, but it is MUCH closer to me and they have a contract to sign! The guy my mom wanted to use close to her house had no contract - does that seem fishy to anyone else? If I put 50% down, I expect a guarantee that the items I want will be there! The place we chose has a pick-up-yourself option. My dad is going to pick up the stuff the Thursday before the wedding, and will bring it back the Monday after. That way I KNOW the stuff will be where it needs to be!

Plus, Brewer EPR has porta pottys! So Bear and I ordered a 20' by 40' canopy, sidewalls for two sides (all inclement weather comes in from the same direction), 100 chairs, 14 banquet tables and two porta potties for ...

are you ready for this? ...


Can you believe it? I am totally okay with that. The only fly in the ointment (if you can call it that) is that they only ask for 25% down. My parents are paying the deposit, so I kinda wish they had to put more of the total cost down. That's selfish of me, isn't it? Terribly. So sue me.

Here's where the total wedding list stands:
  • Dress - check
  • Rental Vendor - check
  • Cake & cupcakes - check
  • Photographer - 1/2 check (she will do it, but I haven't arranged anything final yet)
  • Porta Pottys - check
  • Bridal Party clothes - no check (I have to wait for spring fashions)
  • Save-the-dates - check (going out today!)
  • Invitations - 1/2 check (idea is set, still need supplies)
  • Vases for tables - 1/2 check (my mom bought 10 blue ones. I have to find red ones)
  • Florist - no check
  • Vows & Officiant - no check

I think I'm doing quite well, all things said. If I could just do without all the "help", though, I'd be doing better. I realize that various family members have gone through this before, and they are trying to give me the benefit of their experience. I appreciate that. Really I do. But sometimes, I feel that people are trying to tell me how to do things THEIR way, instead of letting me do it mine. My mother is a good example of this. Mom, I love you, but seriously - I'm not a crazy person for wanting a contract! I don't CARE about the decorations on my cake! Honestly, do I have to look through twenty cake books?! Bear's sister suggested I get working on the invitations sooner than April vacation. If they go out the last week in April, that is eight weeks before the wedding! How much time do people need?

I realize that was a whole heap of exclamation marks. I apologize. I think I'm not good at the thanks-but-no-thanks aspect of wedding planning. I get frustrated by the avalanche of well-meaning pieces of advice. If I want or need help, I'll ask for it. Just be excited for me, okay? Please?


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