Friday, February 09, 2007

Tipping the Scales

I'm not sure if today is a good day or a bad day, because a lot has happened on both sides of the fulcrum (notice the lever reference!) in the past twenty-four hours. Maybe you can make sense of it all, because my head is spinning.

  1. I was told by another teacher yesterday that my principal "has the perception that [I] do nothing" each afternoon while I'm ed-teching. She has the assumption that because I'm not seeing students, I'm doing no work. Not true.
  2. I was told by that same teacher that next year there will be two fewer English classes due to dropping enrollment. I teach three classes, so basically I'm probably going to be downsized next year. Back to the job hunt, anyone?
  3. I got my save-the-dates printed last night (finally). They all came out great! I'm addressing them tonight and will save one to scan and show you.
  4. After printing all of the save-the-dates, I realized I didn't put Bear's or my last name on them - I wonder if people will not know who it is from?
  5. Bear has a deeply pulled pectoral muscle. This actually is a good thing, since he has been complaining of chest pains for two weeks. At least we know it is muscular and not heart-related.
  6. We broke our bed last night. You know the frame that has the little wheels on it? Well, one of the wheels snapped off just as things were getting interesting, which of course broke the mood. Damnit!
  7. I am reading a new book that so far I enjoy. It's called Keturah and Lord Death by Martine Leavitt. It's a YA novel with folk/fairy tale underpinnings. So far, so good.
  8. The battery is going in my car. It's at least six years old, so that's not a huge deal, but this same car is also having some sort of exhaust crisis (I think the pipe is broken), not to mention the Great Tire Fiasco (my right front tire is bald due to a desperately needed alignment). The tire is only halfway through the warranty! Luckily, it shouldn't be too espensive to fix.
  9. I still have not gotten either of my tax returns back yet.
  10. I have an appointment on Saturday to meet with a rental vendor. If I like them, we're signing them, and Mom can deal with the fact that I'm not hiring someone local to her.
  11. My spleen is still enlarged. It doesn't hurt, really, but it is uncomfortable when I am sitting. They took more blood on Wednesday, and the stupid, bovine, phlebotomist scraped a vein so it still kills TWO DAYS LATER!
  12. I tried to make chocolate mousse yesterday using my magic bullet. The damn thing is so powerful that it OVER whipped the cream! It looked like it broke down the cream's chemical composition... what a mess.
So there you have it - twelve things that have happened in the last day or two. I could go on, but the bell just rang so I'm going home! See you all on Monday. If I get the save-the-dates scanned, I will post them. Ditto for the wedding dress pics.


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