Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Pretty, and Witty, and ... Short!

I came across today that has posted an essay on the prevalence of "chick lit" in bookstores these days (read the essay here ). I thought it was really off base. So I posted a comment (read it at the bottom of the linked page). Did I make a valid point or do you disagree? What are your tohughts on the "chick lit" genre? I have Emily Giffin and Jennifer Weiner on my myspace friends list (I maintain that does NOT make me a loser or a groupie, damnit!), so I feel kind of defensive. I promise, if you think that the genre is contributing to the moral corruption of America, I won't call you an idiot. Out loud. I am interested, though. What do guys think about it? Have many guys read any of that stuff? Hmmm.

In other news, I talked to the photographer today and she says I can have the coffee table photo album book-thing that I want really bad. Yes!! I LOVE HER!


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Sue Flaska said...

Whatever. I know most of the time when i read books, it's to get away for a little bit. If it's chick lit, or murder mystery or true story, it doesn't matter. I hate when people tell me what i should/shouldn't read, write, watch etc. I agree with you and have noticed that there are a lot of people who are a tad on the pissed side about her entry, thank God.

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