Wednesday, February 28, 2007


When you are a teacher, you are expected to moniter hallways and lunchrooms. It never fails when I do this that I overhear some interesting things. A few of my favorites from this week:

"Mr. Page found my underwear in the hall. He asked if they were mine."

"Your pencil fell in that icky stuff."

"I'm not writing on the desk. I'm decorating the classroom."

"I'm not going to the dance. It's a waste of money. I'd rather spend it on alcohol."

"Nobody buys me booze - That's illegal. I steal it."

Keep in mind that I teach high school kids (that should explain at least the alcohol comments). What funny things have you overheard lately?


Jenny said...

Those are funny - especially the first one.

Shari said...

What have I overheard lately?

My girls' convesation the other day:

The youngest says, "Mom always says "no." What if "no" means "yes?" Then I can get a "yes."

Oldest: "If 'yes' means 'no' and 'no' means 'yes,' then we'd be hearing a lof of 'yeses.'