Monday, February 26, 2007


I didn't post very much last week because I was on February vacation, so was not avoiding work by blogging. Rather, I was enjoying life and being able to sleep in each morning. I didn't do nothing over break (as I sometimes do), however:

I cleaned the entire house. I picked up, organized, dusted, rearranged, vacuumed, washed, dried, folded, neatened and threw away. It was exhausting, but the house looks so much better. It is amazing to me how little housework I do during the week. I think I did more than twenty loads of laundry. Once all of our clothes were clean, Bear and I realized that we didn't have enough room in our dressers for all of our clothes!

Monday the satellite guy came to hook up our new satellite dish (the real reason I felt I had to clean). I think Bear and I watched almost 24 consecutive hours of TV. It was awesome.

Saturday night my brother The Golden Child called me to tell me in a very round about fashion that his wife is pregnant. I'm going to be an aunt again! At least this will keep my parents off of my reproductive back for a while. I hope. I have some serious knitting to do before baby gets here (it's due around Thanksgiving).

Bear is still going through some mysterious illness. His doctor told him to go to the hospital if his pain got any worse. Thursday it did just that, so we went to the emergency room. Seven hours later, we know it is not a tumor, cancer, twisted bowel or a host of other things, but we do not know what his problem is. Bear got a CT scan while he was there. He had to drink this awful metallic contrast stuff for it. He did great (I know I couldn't have done it)! However the contrast was still in his system Friday when he was supposed to have his upper GI series done. They couldn't do it, so he had to take another morning off of work today to get it done. HOPEFULLY this will give us some answers.

I think the best part of this vacation is that Bear and I were able to spend some time together during the day. He took Monday off because he didn't feel well and the satellite guy was coming, and when he left we got to nap. You know that moment when you are cuddling in a sunny bedroom with the man you love and you hover just on the edge of sleep? The moment when you realize life can't possibly get any more perfect? We had one of those. I wrote a poem about that moment. Enjoy:

Breaths commingle,
Become us,
Entangled, entwined.
Tandem breathing,
Out, then in
Like waves gone
Come back again.
Heart's pulse
Fingers trace,
Arms reach out,
Enfold, encase.
Bodies align
Chest, hip, knee
Sent safe into sleep -
You're here with me.

I'm aware that contemporary poetry doesn't rhyme, but Bear likes rhyming poetry and I wrote it for him.


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