Friday, June 15, 2007


Today was the last student day at school. To celebrate, there was a huge luncheon in the teachers' room. Halfway through the lunch, one of the other English teachers walked in with a money tree LOADED DOWN with cash! It had $250 on it. We also had cake that said, "Congratulations Heather! Good luck"

How sweet was that?

Everyone is probably sick of hearing how poor I am and how strapped for cash this wedding has made me. I am so overwhelmed. The people here are so generous! And to think I was considering leaving this place to teach full time in the next town. What was I thinking?! I'm totally staying here. Not forever - but when I do leave, it will be for the perfect fit. I really like the people here, and while the money is crap, at least it comes to me drama free.

So now I have some wedding money that I wasn't anticipating - I'll have to talk to Bear to see what we can do with it. Honeymoon? Scratch off tickets? Nicer gifts for the wedding party? What would you do?

I will post pics of the cake and tree when I get back from my parents' house this weekend. Snake is coming with us this time... it should be interesting!



Sue Flaska said...

How wonderful! I bet you were just thrilled when they rolled that tree in. to spend it...I would lean towards the honeymoon. It is a gift after all, for you guys. That's what I would do. Something for just you guys.

Shari said...

Wow. I remember those days when we all chipped in for any event at work and gave the gift to the recipient.

What a bonus! That's how you should consider it. A bonus. Like what Sue says, it's a gift. Spoil yourselves. Treat yourselves. But use it on yourselves, please. I know it's hard when you think about all the money you've spent on the wedding and still need for the wedding. It's tempting to use it to pay bills and supples for the wedding. Take it easy.