Friday, June 22, 2007

Happy Birthday ...

... to me! I'm 26 today. Usually my birthday is a huge deal - I have a party and cake, presents, the whole nine yards. This year I'm not, because the wedding is taking up so much energy from so many people. Bear got me two perfect gifts, though - a new pair of Columbia hiking boots and a battery-operated air mattress pump, so I don't have to pump it up by hand any more. I'm as excited by that as I am the hiking boots! I had never been camping before I met Bear, and since he introduced me to it I've come to love it. There's something so peaceful about "living" outside, even for a few days. You can almost feel the rythm of your body change, slow down, relax. I think more people should go camping, really.

Oh, and don't forget the S'mores!

There's not much else going on today... I'm going to buy stuff to make a cake when I get out of here so that I can celebrate both my birthday and the official start to my summer vacation. The weekend will be spent at my parents', Sunday is my bridal shower & bachelorette party, Monday I get my hair highlighted and trimmed (I can't WAIT for that!), and then I wait for Friday and Saturday's festivities. I will try to post as I get a chance. Wish me luck!



Sue Flaska said...

Happy birthday, Bride!! I can't believe the day is almost here for you! Take things with a grain of salt, don't let things upset you. Here's my advise for you. When you are at the ceremony, take in all of the sights, smells, noises you can and store them away in your brain. I can still go back 9 years and remember the blue carpet in the church, the smell of the candles, the programs being waved because it was so hot! Enjoy your day, you have worked hard for it!

Shari said...

Happy Birthday! Take it easy. I sure wish I took Sue's advice. It's a blur. I do have some memories. LIke the time my new hubby did a sliding thing on the floor (like stealing a base) before snatching the garter off my leg...well, I do have pictures, too, to help preserve memories.

You gotta show us a pic of you with your hair highlighted. :)

I'll be thinking of you on your big day.

Jenny said...

Those battery operated air matress pumps are great!

Happy Birthday!