Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I had an awesome weekend. My bridal shower and bachelorette party were Sunday. I had the most amazing lunch buffet at The Sentor inn and spa. I didn't know Augusta even had a place with food that good! Lots of people were there (minus my aunt's family, as they had a birthday party to attend), and I got two of the things I've been hoping for - an electric mixer and an electric skillet! Okay I realize it's not that exciting sounding, but kitchen gadgets are something of an obscession with me.

After that my friend Caity J brought me back to her house, where the bachelorette party was. We had a great time with the consultant from Passion Parties. It turns out that I am the most sexually experienced of my friends - by about 100 times! I was a bit embarassed that I was the only person in the room who knew what Ben-Wa balls are and already has a rabbit. I overcame it, though, and bought three new things to add to my (somewhat vast) collection. I won't be able to get them beore the honeymoon, which kind of sucks, but I'll live.

Bear and Snake worked hard and y parents' house again, landscaping and doing general clean up. It seems like there is still a lot to be done before Saturday. I try to remind myself that everything will work out, that I need to have faith. I'm trying. We are headed back down there on Wednesday night, and will stay for the duration.

Hmm, let me see... what else is going on? Oh, I got my hair highlighted - it looks awesome! I got a lot of the dead ends cut off, too, and she straightened my hair before I left. It took almsot three and a half hours, but it was totally worth it. My grays are still there, but they are much less visible. I will try to get a picture today if I get a chance. I also decide against the mani/pedi due to time and financial reasons, but I did buy some good quality press-on nails. Did you know they make press on nails for your TOES? I didn't, but when I saw them, I had to buy them. I also bought some subtle false eyelashes to make my eyes pop in pictures. They aren't the all the way across ones, but the individual ones you can put where you want.

In other news, Snake broke up with his girlfriend! Many of you will remember Blondie, and how at times (okay, most of the time), I can't STAND her. Well Snake finally got sick of dealing with her crap and dumped her. Am I relieved? Absolutely. Do I now have to deal with the drama of whether or not Blondie can/will/should come to the wedding? Yup. She asked me what I thought, and I kind of danced around the issue. I personally don't care if she comes, but Snake is the best man and I don't want drama to upset him. An upset Snake is an upset Bear and I DON'T NEED THAT on our wedding day. Does that make sense?

Today is Tuesday and I am in charge of downloading all the songs I want played at the wedding and getting the music in some kind of order. Any idea what should play when Bear dances with his older sisters? His mom has passed away, so this is taking the place of the groom&his mom dance. I have to say I'm out of ideas.


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Shari said...

Getting closer to the BIG DAY. Looks like everything is falling in place.

That's a hard one-about the Blondie situation. I remember my brother was going through a divorce and I asked him how he'd feel if his soon-to-be ex was there. He didn't like that. I respected that and did not invite her.