Thursday, May 24, 2007

WARNING: Chaos Ahead!

Somedays I feel like my life needs warning signs. Not so much for me, but for everyone who has to deal with me when my life gets crazy. Take this weekend. Today is not too bad - one meeting afterschool, pick a few things up from the grocery store, then home to mow lawns, hang laundry, and do dishes. Tomorrow, however, looks like this:

1. Ten minutes before the end of the school day, sneak to the bathroom and apply my tan excellerator lotion. Put my clothes back on and go back to my classroom. (1:55)

2. Sneak out of school five minutes before the bell rings. (2:00)
[note: the principal walked into my room right as I typed that - eek!]

3. Rush to the tanning salon for my twenty-minute tanning session. (2:25)

4. Throw my clothes back on, rush to my chiropracter's appointment. (2:40)

5. Lay under heat packs for ten minutes, get adjusted, pay my bill (3:00)

6. Rush home, watching out for moose, deer, rabbits, and turkeys (3:40)

7. Get the mail (3:45)

8. Throw camping gear, suitcase, pillows, extra blanket, book, music and snacks into the car (3:55)

9. Give Zedd a quick snuggle, spray Shota's cage (3:58)

10. Drive to Bear's work (4:13)

11. Put camping gear, suitcase, etc. into Bear's car (4:15)

12. Drive to my parents' house, getting dinner on the way (6:45)

13. Arive at my parents' house, set up tent, relax for the night (8:00)

You can tell just by looking at my schedule that I am going to be stressed. It's even worse than it looks because Bear gets out of work at 4:00, and he HATES waiting around for me. I may try to save some time by packing the camping gear in his car tonight. Then I'd just have to pack the suitcase. However it works out, I'm going to be so focused on getting everything done that I am abrupt with people. It never fails that when I am abrupt, people think I'm angry or that I don't like them. *sigh* I just won't have time to smooth ruffled feathers! Does that ever happen to anyone else? Have you ever been in a rush and had someone make a stink about how your "mood is bad"? How did you handle it? I usually apologize, even though I don't feel like I should have to.



Shari said...

Have a good time!!

I hope you manage to get all that you want done on time. I totally understand the pressure. Man. Good luck keeping to your schedule. (Hope the principal didn't read what you were typing. Hint: Just minimize it and then click the bottom blue bar where the title is and bring it back to the screen.)

Jenny said...

Ha ha - so funny about wanting to wear a sign wanting to warn others. I think that all the time!

Jay said...

Lucky the principal walked in on you typing. He/she could have walked in on you applying the tan excellerator lotion.