Monday, May 21, 2007

My Uterus is Dumb

So I just went nine weeks without a period, and this time I went two. Seriously, my uterus is dumb. What gives? Ugh.

Bear and I are doing better this week, thanks to several big blow-out arguments and more gentle conversations. I think we are both so stressed about the wedding and money that we have begun to take that stress out on each other. It's not right, and we are trying to overcome this. I have begun walking in the afternoons when I can (I walked 2.6 miles on Friday) so that my stress level is down, and he is trying to be a bit more appreciative of the work I do around the house. I figure the more we do good for ourselves, the better we can be for each other. That makes sense, doesn't it?

We did not go to my parents' this weekend because it rained too much to get anything done, so hopfully we will go this weekend. It is going to be a short trip, though, because Bear and I are dying to get into the woods. I think Saturday or Sunday night we will be camping. My job for the week is making sure everything is ready - the sleeping bags, tent, eating utensils, etc. Of course you know what camping means, don't you? S'MORES!



Sue Flaska said...

Stress = dumb uterus.

Totally normal to have odd cycles when one is under so much stress, or if like me they have no ovaries. Don't miss those dang cycles!

Sounds like a great weekend is to go camping with you!

Jenny said...

Love Smores!! yum!