Friday, May 04, 2007

37 and Counting

So far, thirty-seven people have RSVP'd for the wedding. All of them will be attending. I have been so impressed with the speed people have returned the RSVP cards. I'm trying to keep an organized list of all those that have responded. Thankfully, have a great tool for this. Have you seen our website yet? Why don't you mosey on over and sign the guest book while you're there?

There are a few things left to be done for the wedding, and to be honest, I'm not looking forward to some of them. The property my parents own is beautiful, but there is a lot of brush to be cut, lawns to be raked/mowed, trees to be cut down, dirt to be laid down, etc. I hate landscaping. Ugh. My mom called last weekend all chipper. "We need to organize a work party, hmmm?" She always hmmms when she is goading me. "Think of all that wonderful raking for you to do." I HATE raking leaves. It is the single worst chore in the world, designed to break my spirit and body. Gah.

I also have to find and buy the clothes for the bridal party. It's not too difficult a chore, but it is so hard to tell actual colors and sizes online. Thankfully they are all men, so shirts and jeans will be relatively cheap.

Bear still has not taken the photo of me in my gown again. I keep asking, but other things keep getting in the way. I'm anxious to see how I look in it since I lost all that weight. I tell myself that if I have lost enough weight, I can buy a sexy corset/bustier from Fredrick's of Hollywood. If not, I'm still going to buy some new clothes - probably a shirt that says, "taken" or "Mrs. Kinne." Why not? I thought it would be cool to have underswear for the honeymoon that says those things or "I do" or "bride." Turns out those things are expensive! A THONG costs $17! I bet I can make things cuter than that. I'm on the lookout for baseball T's that I can personalize with iron-on letters. If some of those letters make it onto my underwear, well, that's just an accident, right? ;)

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