Monday, December 18, 2006

Blog Visitors

I have a sitemeter on my blog, which keeps track of all the visitors I get every day. I look at it once a week at least, seeing who has been to my page and how many pages they look at. When I checked it this morning, I had 666 page views! There is a place to see where readers are reading from (it even tells me who their ISP is and what browser they used to look at my page! I think it is kind of creepy, actually!). Below is a list of places my readers come from:

  • United Kingdom - Letchworth, Norfolk (I have no idea where this is in the UK)
  • United States - Palo Alto, California (This is a regular visitor who doesn't comment. Not sure who she is, but I'm glad she's a reader!)
  • Czech Republic - Praha, Hlavni Mesto Praha (This was probably an accidental hit, but I think it's cool)
  • United States - Red Wing, Minnesota (This is my blogger friend Sue who authors Brite Hope)
  • Germany - Cologne, Nordrhein-Westfalen (Do you think they smell nice here?)
  • United Kingdom - Southend-on-Sea (Of all of my visitors, this one has the prettiest sounding location)
  • Morocco - Casablanca (Of all of the blogs in all of the world, you had to click on mine. :) )
  • New Zealand - Hamilton (I think the New Zealand visitors are thanks to the Word Imp at Word Imperfect)
  • Singapore - Singapore, Dakar (Another accidental mouse-click, I think)
  • Egypt - Al Manyal, Al Jiza (Ditto)
  • United States - Clovis, New Mexico (Clovis reminds me of clover for some reason)
  • United States - Deerfield, Illinois (deer eat clover, don't they?)
  • Canada - Hamilton, Ontario (I have had several one-time hits from Canada, but no repeaters. Apparently, I'm not very popular there)
  • United States - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (This makes me think my blog is smart; I Pennsylvania, I'm convinced, is filled with politically minded smart people with lots of class. I don't know why I think this way)
  • United States - Scarborough, Maine (This is my ex-best friend who checks my blog from time to time)
  • New Zealand - Mokai (another Word Imp hit)
  • United States - Petaluma, California (Never heard of it, but it sounds pretty. I wonder if it is in Northern or Southern California?)
  • United States - Wilmington, Massachusetts (I wonder how many Wilmingtons there are in the US?)
And those visitors are just this month! I love this Blogger thing, even though I worry that I have nothing earth-shattering (or even interesting) to say. Do that many people really want to read about me? If so, terrific. Beyond terrific, really. I do with that more people would leave comments, though. I would like to know what people are thinking as they read me. Well, except maybe the foreign language people... I'm not up on my Czech (is that even what they speak there?)



Sue Flaska said...

Holy cow that's awesome! How do you fin out where people are from? I have the world map on mine, but a list would be nice too since I am not very good with my geography. Anyway, I am going to think about what your last comment on my blog was and mess around with incorporating a pink ribbon in it. Isn't it funny when things are right in front of your face and you still miss it? You rock!

Time Traveller said...

hey! I read your blog regularly, it's fun reading about someones life. Its like reading my sisters diary (when I was younger of course). I might be one of your UK readers. The locations you see are probably where the servers are rather than the person themself. :)